I need to wait my turn. big423 demands a card and is dealt a 6. He now has 18 and chooses to stand (wants no more cards). ekdfire likewise requests a card and gets a king. This brings his hand value to 23 and he fails. (His secret bet is exposed to be $500, which he loses.) BobKatt doesn't split his hand - which enhances my suspicion that he went all in - and stands.

To use Speakeasy Speed test you choose your state from the list offered; this allows you to test your web connection speed. The test begins instantly. As Soon As the Speed Test is total, the upload speed and download speed are displayed. Click the Speed test Outcomes connect or About Broadband Speed link for details which will assist you understand your outcomes. Also consult your DSL service provider to learn exactly what speed you should be getting. My DSL company came out and repaired the problem complimentary of charge. I decided not to go with the web phone however my web connection is a lot faster.

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